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Kink Meme 5 B - 'Vanilla' Safe Space
This is the portion of the kink meme that aims to be a safe space for kinky people who like foodsex or foot fetish or like sexual stuff outside of the 'norm', or heck, just want to participate in a meme that that is all about instant porn, and yet, find the subject of violence and consent issues triggering.

I know there is a difference between actual violence and 'play' violence, but for the purpose of this safe space, please don't even have non-con fantasy roleplaying request in THIS post. Thank you.

If you want the Everything Goes Post, it's here: Kink Meme 5 A - Everything Goes, in which /Everything/ goes, from the stuff that is posted here in this Safe Space, to stuff that will NOT be in this space, I encourage vanilla prompters and repliers to post in BOTH posts, thank you.

Golden Rule of CM Kink Meme 5: That y'all be excellent to each other
- No matter how silly or squicky a kink is, for example...people who find not bathing sexually attractive? If it doesn't trigger anyone's traumatic memory of abuse, it's alright here.
- Character Bashing: if you are going to make character C into Ron the Death Eater as a side to A/B, please warn ahead of the fic so that C fans may skip it. Seeing as this is the Vanilla prompt, C being /character/ bashed by being Ron the Cheater is fine, but C being Ron the Wife Beater or C being Ron the Beaten / Jerkass Victim (of a violent crime) is NOT okay. No violence!
- If you have any issues or questions, see Questions and Discussion post
- Prompters and Seconders: Keep it Anonymous! Anon is preferably, signing it is okay if you are posting fics, please only sign in if you are posting a reply.

Formatting: I recommend that you list your pairings twice to ease search. There is a convention in some fandom, where instead of listing "A/B" to means that this pairing involves a and b, it lists AB and BA to indicate who is 'on top' during a sex scene. Some people don't care, some people do. If you don't, just list it as "A/B", if it's D/s, list it as AB or BA depending on who is 'on top' during the scene in question.

For ease of search, especially for the people getting this in their email, totally make your subject header informative (there is no particular order, just include pairing and kink (which could include who is on top):

"A/B, AB, pegging"

"A/B/C, ABC CBA, the answer to a shipwar is threesome!"

"A/B, BA, B feeds A ice cream from on top of A's desk"

"A/B, AB, A surprises B in the shower"

"A/B, AB, shower surprise"

"A/B, BA, h/c post break with C(bashing!)"

"A/B/C, AB, CB, h/c bondage, frottage, fingering, and double penetration - B has a long and stressful day and A and C takes care of him/her"

Fills post Vanilla Safe Space

...and finally, following ansera's fine tradition, here's a brief PublicServiceAnnoucement:
InRealLife: Please remember to practice Safe Sane Consensual etc etc Questions and Discussion post
...and if you missed Sexual Health or need more brush up, Go Ask Alice

Last Reminder: This is the Safe Space Post, no violence, no consent issues.

BBs, we have a new home:

Criminal Kink Meme VII

...our sandbox is now at Dreamwidth, because Subject Headings Subject Headings! Signing up for a DW account took me less than a minute, they just ask for a birthdate and email, you don't even need to give them a name.

7A - Everything Goes
from Non-Violent Safe Sane Consensual to Dangerous Insane Nonconsenual.

For members of our community who are trauma survivors and find violence and/or consent issues triggering, please consider the option of this: 7B - Safe Space

Imported to DW:

Please reply over there. Why?
1. LJ users can still track the meme through Open ID
2. With headings, your fills won't get lost admidst a barrage of Untitled Comments.

To the people wondering why they can't comment on this post:
Comments on the LJ entries have been frozen...
1. until I can figure out a way for it to autocrosspost to DW, I might have to do it manually (probably manually, because I'll have to add subject headings) respects to the fact that CM5 started on LJ, people who have been participating here will have the option to continue participating on LJ (but could you wait until...Jan 15th?)
2. to alert anons who don't reread a post before they reply that the meme has been imported to DW and what it means.

3. You could track a DW meme through Open ID if you are an LJ / InsaneJournal users, so since this is an anon-meme, there wouldn't be any difference except site layout: I have heard people disagree with the DW layout, if the DW layout is bothering please tell me, I think they have several options and I can tinker with it.

4. Links to fills are the reason why the LJ copy of this meme will still stay here, not deleted, and comments not disabled (because if you disable comments to a post, all existing comments become invisible). If me freezing comments still created problems for your system, please tell me.

ETA 5. Prompters/Authors tracking their threads...okay, when someone post a reply to the DW copy, imma gonna have to manually crosspost it to the LJ thread so that the prompter get their fills or the author get their reviews. Damnit LJ, why must you 'fix' what wasn't broken with the @#$%$^& subject headings!

You have two options:

gen question post:
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special IP free post:
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Haley/Hotch/Reid, virgin!Reid, HaleyReid HotchReid HotchHaley

After Spencer Reid spent yet another birthday as a virgin not by choice (at least in terms of NOT having had an opportunity with people he trusts). Aaron Hotch and Haley introduces Reid to the act of love making, through putting on a show and strongly encouraged audience participation.

If there is some HS style roleplaying dynamics with the jock the cheerleader and the geek, I shall be slain, slay me please!
(Frozen) (Thread)

Morgan/Reid, unprotected sex

Morgan/Reid sex where focus is put on them not using condoms, planned or spur of the moment.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Morgan/Reid, Morgan feeding Reid

This didn't survive the last kink meme but I would really like to see the team go out for Chinese food and then have Morgan feed Reid when they don't have forks.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Morgan/Garcia, GarciaMorgan toys

In which our favourite Rainmaker uses an assortment of toys on Morgan, penetrative, restraints, clamps, etc.

Bonus if they are running a demo for the sexually skittish Spencer Reid.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Garcia, team fanfiction

Garcia writes smutty fanfiction (or more accurately, RPF) about her co-workers. (Multiple pairings, het/slash/femslash, but this is Garcia so Reid/Morgan is probably top of her list).
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: Garcia, team fanfiction

this is effing great. all the awards to whoever writes this.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)

Morgan/Reid Hair kink

Reid dyes his hair blonde, Morgan likes it.
(Frozen) (Thread)

morgan/reid fingering

reid cums hardest when morgan uses his talented fingers
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: morgan/reid fingering

oh man seconded like you wouldn't believe.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

morgan/reid, rap fluff

Established. Music is playing in the house and Morgan catches Reid reciting the words to a rap along with the song, memorized from repeated exposure.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Morgan/Prentiss extra scene to 'Jones'

Morgan and Prentiss were alone on the jet in 'Jones' - Some frustration from Emily spurs Derek to distract her.
(Frozen) (Thread)

prentiss + sergio

prentiss being reunited with her cat (not bestiality, just fluff!)
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: prentiss + sergio

d'awwww <3
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Morgan/Prentiss Jeans

Emily is wearing those damn tight jeans again, Derek can't resist. Extra points if they are in a public location and Emily needs to be quietted
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: Morgan/Prentiss Jeans

(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Prentiss/Todd - stakeout

Emily and Jordan get bored on a stakeout and decide to keep each other occupied. Could be in a car or a motel room, author's choice, and bonus points if Garcia can be listening in :)
(Frozen) (Thread)

reid/lila archer, all grown up reid meets lila again 6 years later; sex ensues.

Reid's been through some significant character growth since season 1 and gained some let's say he's in LA or New York (or wherever really) and his path once again crosses with Lila Archer. And then they do it.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Morgan/Prentiss Toys and wrong go-bag

Morgan finds that Emily's bag was brought up to the wrong room and accidentally finds her vibrator.

He brings it back to her and decides to test out which gets her off better- the toy, or him. Extra points for double penetration: Derek and the vibrator. Double extra if Emily is the one to add the toy.
(Frozen) (Thread) (Expand)

Re: Morgan/Prentiss Toys and wrong go-bag

Whoever fills this shall be my hero. :D
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

FILLED: Wrong Bag [1/3] (Anonymous) Expand
FILLED: Wrong Bag [2/3] (Anonymous) Expand
FILLED: Wrong Bag [3/3] (Anonymous) Expand


The problem with the Hotchner marriage is that Haley wants more spice in the bedroom (up to you whether the Hotchners have been part of a trio before or not). So, Hotch brings home … ??? I see this going in two different directions:
Version A: They work their way through the BAU looking for the perfect third, but no one is exactly right, or
Version B: Hotch has been lusting after JJ or Reid, so uses this situation to bring that person home. Does it work out or not?
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: Hotch/Haley/???

(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)


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