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Questions and Discussion Post for the Criminal Minds Kink Meme
What it said, questions? Anything on kinks you just want to throw out here? lol?

...and finally, following ansera's fine tradition, here's a brief PublicServiceAnnoucement:
InRealLife: Please remember to practice Safe Sane Consensual: Whenever you do someone, you must confirm the presence of affirmative consent, if it's anything less then an explicit verbal yes, please please please make sure that the moaning is in pleasure, etc etc. It's not going to kill the mood if you affirm consent by huskily asking your partner "What would you like me to do to you now?" Additionally, don't spring forced play on someone without talking about it first, remember, a mood ruined by talking about it NOW can be more easily repaired than Accidental Assault! Safewords don't work when someone is gagged, etc etc

...and if you missed Sexual Health or need more brush up, Go Ask Alice

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This is complicated?

I recommend that you list your pairings twice to ease search. There is a convention in some fandom, where instead of listing "A/B" to means that this pairing involves a and b, it lists AB and BA to indicate who is 'on top' during a sex scene. Some people don't care, some people do. If you don't, just list it as "A/B", if it's D/s, list it as AB or BA depending on who is 'on top' during the scene in question.

For ease of search, especially for the people getting this in their email, totally make your subject header informative:

"A/B, BA, B helps A act out a non-con fantasy"

"A/B, BA, roleplaying, bondage, necktie"

"A/B, AB, pegging"

"A/B/C, ABC CBA, the answer to a shipwar is threesome!"

Okay, tell me what you want, and I'll put it into format. OR, you could just post it, but then your prompt might not be found and be answered.

I'm not going to make a round up post, I'm going to rely on Google Search when it kicks in, or if it doesn't, my backup plan is this: Copy and Paste the entire page of comments, maybe put ten pages of prompts in one post, so it's all in one page, and then people can search through it using Ctrl + F. With the contents of pairing itself, it's easier to find all Hotch/Reid if it's all listed as Hotch/Reid...especially when we get up to threesomes, it's easier to find all A/B/C then if someone has to search for A/B/C and B/C/A and etc etc.

So x/y is the contents of pairing identifier.

Whereas xy or yx is the 'who is more dom' identifier, because there are people who specifically have a knackering for ReidHotch but not HotchReid.

...and again, if you read: "Formatting: I recommend that " you don't have to use the format, it just makes things easier for everyone combing the prompt afterwards if you do.

At this point I'll like to say that I followed Quite A Few kink memes, Marvel, Watchmen, etc, sometimes prompts aren't filled for YEARS. Prompter ask for something like XYUI, it disappears unanwsered among thousands of comments (prompts), until years later, someone else googles for XYUI, finds the prompt, and answer it.

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