LJ Meme permanently closed due to SPAM
Dear All

I literally could do nothing about the spam problem due to me losing the password after a busy period, and then hotmail holding my account hostage until I give them a phone number!

Anyways, unfortunately LJ is just too full of spambots. I will turn off further commenting here as soon as I figure out how to do it without making comments disappear (been years since I was on LJ) - though really, the meme should have moved to DW (I think I remember leaving LJ open due to some objection to the move).

The spam is so bad here I have turned off all notification so my inbox don't get flooded, and I would advise you to do the same.

The DW link is this:

Due to time constraint, I won't be hosting any new kink meme, but I would still like to do something about the spam problem so that the old prompts can get filled. DON'T post any new promptsa! DO post link to new kink memes.

Birth Control Fail (USA) Lo/Ovral-28 tablets, Norgestrel, or Ethinyl Estradiol tablets, be aware!
Emergency PSA: Please pass this on

Pfizer Inc. (PFE), the world’s biggest drugmaker, recalled 1 million packs of birth-control pills after discovering a packaging error that may cause women to take the wrong dosages and put them at risk for unintended pregnancies.

The company recalled 14 lots of Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 lots of a generic version of the medicine, New York-based Pfizer said today in an e-mail. About 1 million packs of 28 tablets were withdrawn, Grace Ann Arnold, a Pfizer spokeswoman, said in a separate e-mail.


CM Kink Meme VII - now on DreamWidth
Criminal Kink Meme VII

...our sandbox is now at Dreamwidth, because Subject Headings Subject Headings! Signing up for a DW account took me less than a minute, they just ask for a birthdate and email, you don't even need to give them a name.

7A - Everything Goes
from Non-Violent Safe Sane Consensual to Dangerous Insane Nonconsenual.

For members of our community who are trauma survivors and find violence and/or consent issues triggering, please consider the option of this: 7B - Safe Space

Tracking: You don't need a dreamwidth account to track this meme, because they support Open ID, go to that page, put in your livejournal address, and when it takes you back to LJ confirm, then you can have comments sent to your email inbox! (Protip: Create a separate folder and AutoSort all new meme comments into that folder, I've been sending all LJ anon comments to a kink folder...DreamWidth comments are titled DreamWidth comments though.)

CM_Kink is back / Friending vs Tracking
Prompt again!

...Kink Meme 6 is close, and Kink Meme 5 is reopened, I don't think we are running out of space yet.

A reminder: you don't have to do a fill for every prompt you make, but try, look through the prompts, you might be inspired! A fill doesn't have to be an epic, a paragraph can be enough to to satisfy a kink sometimes. Look through the old prompts 1-6. Thank you.

Note to the ppl friending this meme:
1. Remember, this is classed as a journal, not a community. (when you friend a journal, you give the journal holder permission to see your flock entries, when you friend a comm, you only watch the comm and the mods of the comm don't have any access)
2. Tracking is what you can do if want to keep track of when this journal makes a new post, click the tracking button and chose to be notify every time this journal makes a new post.

platonic prompts contest
There is a community that host generally general contests where prompts are posted to the theme of the week.

The way they run it is different, it's best that you read their page on it least I describe it wrong:


Notice to the girl I went birding with on Sunday: I'm glad that you had as good a time as I did, however, I think you sent the wrong sort of people to my door when you posted my number in the ladies' bathroom under 'For A Good Time, Call ########'

IP Logging Free Post LINK

In this journal, Anonymous IP Logging is On: This means that each anon who post is distinguished from another, this discourage trolls and sockpuppets, and authorship disputes (if you see someone reposting your anon fills as their own, contact me).

Signed In Posts Are Not Logged. - I thought it was a nice compromise, but I think I made a mistake. The problem is when Anon Posts are reposted elsewhere (with name) or when it ends with a link to the author's journal: this was what was often done in some other kink memes, I like it, this was how I rolled because: No usernames, people read and fill prompts for the prompts themselves, but then when they are done reading, they know where to find more when I leave a link to my journal.
- So a Reminder: Authors are the exception to the no sign in rule, if you are posting a fill you are totally allowed to do it signed in. I do encourage Anon, but I totally understand it if you chose Sign In (where there will be no IP logging).
- If you have prompted or replied to a fill while signed in, I thank you kindly for remembering to delete it and repost it as anon, but due to the logging thing, if you don't want me to know your IP, wait a bit and change the wordings.

How IPs could be problematic:

Unless you have a really crappy provider, they shouldn't give out your account information just because someone phone them up with your IP Address, the presence of your IP Address alone will not dox you online, what will dox you online is:

You revealing your own information online, if you have posted your full name, and or picture, and/or highschool, workplace, information that could narrow you down, if you have done that from your home computer, your usual IP Address, then you need to remember that your usual IP address now have a biography online. For example, if you were a Wikipedia contributer who started out anon so your IP address is up there, and then you made a bio with your name on it, because Wikipedia is something to be proud of right? AND THEN you also exposed your IP address publicly at the Fetish Fuel Wiki, this is not good.

This is why you should never post your IRL id details with your regular IP Address, okay, if you reading this, and you haven't done it (check by googling your address, oh, speaking of google, don't google your full name and work place and then freaky stuff because google keeps a record of Things Googled By The Same Address, you can however, combat this by also googling the full name and work place of as many people as you know! Likewise, me being a writer explain away why I was googling about where to dispose of a body, Mr./Mrs.Officer Sir!) If your ID doesn't come up, it shouldn't be a problem that your IP is here, especially since only I, gsyh, can see it. In the future I might pass this account to someone else, but I promise you it won't be willy nelly, and it'll be several years down where your addresses will probably have changed right?

If you don't want your IP address attached to your prompt/fill however, you could comment HERE (Please use SUBJECT HEADING, pairing and kink), and I will repost it to the appropriate meme/thread.

In the LINKED Post:
Signed Comments: Not Logged
Signed Comments: Not Screened
Anon Comments: Screened
Anon Comments: Not Logged

(Mod Note: Humbug! LJ doesn't let you turn off IP logging for just one post, so I'm using the above LJ until I can remember the password for an RPG account, therefore, don't bookmark that, bookmark this.)

RetroErase: If you want your IP Address detached from your prompt, locate it again, and remember to use Subject Heading "Delete My Address", and I'll delete it and repost it from MY Address, this would erase your address and obscure my prompts among yours, bwhahahaha. Reply Anon of course.

Reminder: as of this posting, KM5 is sleeping, posting your prompts later, and you can fill it now, but hey, we'll still be here in a week. Go here:


CM_Kink temporary closed for the holidays
Special Announcement Dec 7th, 2011

Happy Holidays everyone. CM Kink Meme 5 shall be temporary closed for the holiday this week, please direct your kinky needs of the week towards CM Kink Meme 6 hosted by ansera:

one week, go!:


Criminal MInds Kink Meme FIlls Post 5B Vanilla Safe Space
This is the Fills post for the Safe Space post (nothing with violence or consent issues please)

Criminal Minds Kink Meme 5 B Vanilla Safe Space

Pinboard Account (thank you littledrop)


Criminal MInds Kink Meme FIlls Post 5A Everything Goes
Post your fills link here, please remember the warnings.

Criminal Minds Kink Meme 5 A Everything Goes

Pinboard Account (thank you littledrop)


Kink Meme 5 B - 'Vanilla' Safe Space
CUTCollapse )

Imported to DW:

Please reply over there. Why?
1. LJ users can still track the meme through Open ID
2. With headings, your fills won't get lost admidst a barrage of Untitled Comments.

To the people wondering why they can't comment on this post:
Comments on the LJ entries have been frozen...
1. until I can figure out a way for it to autocrosspost to DW, I might have to do it manually (probably manually, because I'll have to add subject headings)...in respects to the fact that CM5 started on LJ, people who have been participating here will have the option to continue participating on LJ (but could you wait until...Jan 15th?)
2. to alert anons who don't reread a post before they reply that the meme has been imported to DW and what it means.

3. You could track a DW meme through Open ID if you are an LJ / InsaneJournal users, so since this is an anon-meme, there wouldn't be any difference except site layout: I have heard people disagree with the DW layout, if the DW layout is bothering please tell me, I think they have several options and I can tinker with it.

4. Links to fills are the reason why the LJ copy of this meme will still stay here, not deleted, and comments not disabled (because if you disable comments to a post, all existing comments become invisible). If me freezing comments still created problems for your system, please tell me.

ETA 5. Prompters/Authors tracking their threads...okay, when someone post a reply to the DW copy, imma gonna have to manually crosspost it to the LJ thread so that the prompter get their fills or the author get their reviews. Damnit LJ, why must you 'fix' what wasn't broken with the @#$%$^& subject headings!

You have two options:

gen question post:
Signed In Comments Not Logged
Signed In Comments Not Screened
Anon Comments Logged
Anon Comments Not Screened

special IP free post:
Signed In Comments Not Logged
Signed In Comments Not Screened
Anon Comments Not Logged
Anon Comments Screened


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